Everything you need to track your time
and invoice, all right from your phone.

Timesheet Recorder

Timesheet Recorder is a free mobile app for recording the time you (or others) spend on tasks and projects. A perfect choice for contractors, consultants and small business owners wanting to track time in order to invoice clients, or for employees to record their hours for their employer, Timesheet Recorder is both intuitive and incredibly easy to use. For example, you can start tracking the time you’re spending on a project simply by tapping the “Check In” button at the top of the main screen. When you’re done, just tap the “Check Out” button. It’s that easy. Your time is important and, for the most common tasks, there is never a need to mess around with endless screens.

While you’re using the app, you’ll always see a convenient running tally of the hours and minutes worked and the amount earned on the main screen. Have a client that you bill twice a month and want to see how much your last invoice should be? Simply click on “Change View”, select the client you’re interested in, and change from the default weekly view to “bi monthly”. Other features are equally easy to use. You can easily click to change to a different client at a different rate, or even the same client but with a different type of task (if you charge a client multiple rates.) Need to add time entries manually without clocking in? Just click on the plus symbol found on the main screen for the day you’re interested in and pick the start and stop times. You can also add expense information too if you want, including (optionally) having Timesheet Recorder take photographs of your receipts.

Timesheet Recorder devices
Timesheet Recorder runs on Android phones and tablets.
Stay tuned for iPhone, iPad & Windows 8 phone versions.

Free Professional Grade Mobile App

Dig a little deeper, and you’ll find that Timesheet Recorder comes with a wealth of free features and options that make it highly suitable for professional use. As well as recording your time and keeping sub-totals per client, you can group your work into projects or task categories, and add a photo and detailed notes to each entry. When adding a note to an entry, you can choose from a customizable list of quick notes, (“on-site”, “travel expense”, etc.) or type your own note or mix and match the two. When you're away from your office, an Internet connection or cellular service is not needed in order to log your time, and if you want it to, Timesheet Recorder can even give you a subtle alert when it’s time to end a lunch break. The Android version of Timesheet Recorder plays nice with other apps, relying on the in-built calendaring and notification features of your device, and doesn’t create any background services to suck the life out of your battery.

All versions of Timesheet Recorder let you work with an unlimited number of users and clients, and rates, projects and tasks per client, as well as unlimited length notes, subject to the storage capacity of your mobile device. You can choose the currency and other preferences, and add overtime rates and tax rate information as desired. You can also round your time up or down, to the nearest minute, five minutes, ten minutes, quarter of an hour, half hour or hour. Additionally, unlike most time recording apps, when you change an existing rate card, (hourly rate, tax rate, or how minutes are rounded,) Timesheet Recorder can intelligently give you the option of keeping the old rate card for existing time sheet entries or going with the newer one.

Want to include a discount? Would you like to make that a percentage discount or fixed price discount? Timesheet Recorder can do both. Want to record your time but charge a fixed price instead of an hourly rate? Timesheet Recorder can do that too. Timesheet Recorder is multi-user right “out-of-the-box”. If you have employees or a work crew, you can track all of their time individually, and switch to a different person’s time sheet simply by tapping on "Change View" then selecting whose time sheet you want to see. The free mobile app version of Timesheet Recorder is not lame-ware or trial-ware, and gives you everything necessary to record your time, or view and edit your time sheet. All without being hampered with annoying quantity or time limitations, or advertisements that get in the way. You also have free access to the Timesheet Recorder Community Forums, a self-help community, where you can interact with Timesheet Recorder’s developer and other small business owners, to ask questions or swap tips regarding time tracking and invoicing.

Invoicing, Payment Tracking & Tax Reporting – Paid Features

For a nominal fee, you can tap into additional features that Timesheet Recorder can provide to help you streamline your client invoicing and payment collection. Timesheet Recorder can create customized invoices from your time sheets directly on your phone or mobile device, and have them sent to your clients. You can optionally use Timesheet Recorder to track payments received, and create and email quarterly or annual tax reports. If you tend to deal with a large number of clients, Timesheet Recorder can provide a range of charts and reports to help you analyze your business and help you identify your best and worst clients and most effective rates, all directly from your phone or mobile device.

Fed up hearing “the check is in the post”? Future plans for Timesheet Recorder include optionally hosting a web page that your invoice can link to, (or that you can share in a follow-up email,) so your clients can see the both your invoice and a means to pay on-line, and can then make an immediate online payment via a service such as PayPal, or with a credit card. No stamp required, and you can immediately know via an email notification when payment has been made.